Lumina Studio's 20th Anniversary


20 years.  7,305 days (leap years included).  More than 150 productions.  Thousands of young actors and actresses introduced to the wisdom and poetry of the Bard and the collaborative magic of theater.  Countless performances, rehearsals, and cast parties. 

As impressive as all these numbers are, we all know that numbers do not even begin to tell the whole story.   It is the people, their spirit and commitment, the experiences they have given to our families, and the community David and Jillian created 20 years ago in their own home that make Lumina what it is today.   Thank you Lumina for all that.

With this matching grant, we would like to challenge all those who have sat in the seats as the lights went down and the curtain opened on a Lumina performance.   All those who stood and applauded when the performers took their bows.  All those who marveled at the excitement and growth of a new performer learning the ropes on a Lumina stage.   Those moments all remind us, especially in this age of digital media, of the value of the performing arts and live theater.  

Lumina is turning 20, and that’s a big deal.   Let’s show our appreciation by contributing to a birthday gift for Lumina.

 Anonymous Lumina Donor

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